18:52  ,  August 6, 2012

London Olympics 2012: Armenian wrestler could win in defense - trainer

Armenia’s Greco-Roman wrestler Yuri Patrikeev had a very complicated fight with the Olympic champion Khasan Baroev, and it was a bit difficult for him in the second fight, Patrikeev’s personal trainer Samvel Gevorgyan told NEWS.am Sport

To note, Yuri Patrikeev defeated Iran’s Babajanzadeh Darzi Bashir Asgari in the 1/8 final of 120 kilogram category 0։1, 1։0, 0։2. 

“Yuri fought wonderfully, despite his opponent, the 2004 Olympic champion Baroev, was very strong. The fight was very complicated, hence, it was a bit difficult for Patrikeev in the second fight. However, we would win if we were in defense,” Gevorgyan said. 

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