03:48  ,  August 6, 2012

Armenia’s Hripsime Khurshudyan dedicates her victory to Armenian people and her boyfriend

Bronze medalist of the Olympics, Armenia’s Hripsime Khurshudyan said she wanted to extend herself and win a medal after defeats of other Armenian weightlifters. Hripsime lifted 128 kilograms in snatch and 166 in clean and jerk having a total of 295 kilograms.

“I have never been so happy. I was waiting for this medal so long. I have been training since I was 15. I am very, very happy,” she told the NEWS.am Sport reporter.

Armenian weightlifters in other categories made a poor showing and failed to struggle for medals.

“Defeats of Meline [Meline Daluzyan 69 kg] and weightlifters from men’s team urged me to do my best. It was hard to win. A year ago I was seriously injured and underwent a surgery. I am happy to win, I am happy that Armenian flag is raised. I congratulate Arsen Julfalakyan [Armenian silver medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling]. I want Armenia to win a gold medal,” she emphasized.

Hripsime said the ceremony was like a dream. “I cannot describe my feelings,” she added.

“I dedicate my victory to the people of Armenia and my boyfriend. I have not talked to him yet but he said he believes in my success when I was leaving. We are likely to get married by the end of this year but I would not give up weightlifting until I achieve the main goal – Olympic gold,” Hripsime concluded.


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