17:03  +04,  May 9, 2015

Armenian and Azerbaijani athletes clash in Georgia

Armenian and Azerbaijani athletes come to blows during a Shotokan karate international competition that was held in Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi.

The Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do Federation of Armenia informed NEWS.am Sport that the incident was provoked by the Azerbaijani athletes, who taunted the Armenian athletes, the latter reacted, and a clash ensued.  But there were no injuries.

Azerbaijani news sources have disseminated an amateur video of this incident.

The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Armenia has released a statement in connection with this incident.
“There will be respective assessments, [and] the official position of the Armenian side will be presented. 
“If necessary, commensurate sanctions will be applied, including up to disqualification, and banning participation in international competitions   

“The Armenian side’s [respective] assessment and final statement will be [made] solely after the review is completed,” the ministry’s statement specifically reads.

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