01:08  ,  November 10, 2018

World champion Samvel Martirosyan dedicates his victory to Armenian people

By Lusine Shahbazyan

Weightlifting world champion Samvel Martirosyan dedicated his victory to the Armenian people and everyone who was happy with his win.

I am happy to win this title for Armenia. It is difficult to describe my feelings. I dedicate the victory to all the Armenian people and all those who was happy with my victory . This is the result of painstaking workouts.

My records? It probably happened by chance [laughing]. In fact, I havbe een preparing for this championship for a very long time and purposefully. I believed that I am coming to Ashgabat to win gold,” Samvel told NEWS.am Sport.

A 21-year-old Armenian athlete broke a world record by lifting 230 kilos in clean and jerk. Overall, he had the result of 435 kilos in snatch and clean and jerk.


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