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Arthur Abraham is in love but will talk about it after bout against Stieglitz

By Lusine Shahbazyan

Challenger to the WBO Super Middleweight title and IBF former world champion Arthur Abraham stated that his wedding will be held only in Armenia, in an Armenian church and according to the Armenian traditions, the boxer told NEWS.am Sport.

The bout between Abraham and WBO incumbent champion Robert Stieglitz is scheduled for Saturday in the Berlin O2 arena.

Rumor has it that Arthur has a girlfriend, whose name is yet unknown, as the boxer prefers to keep silent and not to think about the personal life ahead of the bout.

Arthur one of the most important bouts in your life is approaching. Why are you trying not to think about personal life? Isn’t it inspiring you?

I am trying to free myself from any thought not related to my upcoming bout. I should not think about anything else. Of course, it is pleasant when one has a person who understands and loves you, but it should never be an obstacle to work.

So Arthur it comes like you are in love? Are you getting in love easily?

Not at all. I fall in love very hard but if I do it will last all my life. I guess it is a good trait.

What attracts you to a woman?

First I would like to mention that I am attracted only by Armenian girls, however, I cannot fall in love with any girl. I believe anyone would like to have a clever girl next to him. As for her appearance, it is important, but Armenians are indeed beautiful, besides, they are devoted.

It seems you are planning a wedding. Where will it take place?

Definitely in Armenia. In an Armenian church and according to Armenian traditions. I value Armenian traditions much and I love my homeland.

I will arrive in Armenia after the bout and will celebrate my victory with my friends. And will think about the rest later. Presently I can think only about the bout.



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