14:31  ,  March 8, 2012

I am not married yet - Armenia’s world champion weightlifter Nazik Avdalyan

By Lusine Shahbazyan
YEREVAN. - Armenia’s world champion weightlifter Nazik Avdalyan will get married on April 22, but this will not obstruct her from considering becoming an MP. Avdalyan was seriously injured after a car accident in 2011, and she cannot yet resume training. NEWS.am Sport conducted an interview with Nazik Avdalyan, and below is an excerpt.     

Is it difficult without sports?

It is difficult without sports. I am trying to adapt. But I miss sports.
You were planning on opening a sports school in Vanadzor [city].
Yes, I had such intention, but now my plans have changed. I have submitted an application to be included in [the ruling coalition’s Prosperous Armenia Party] PAP [Parliamentary] Faction’s proportional list [for the upcoming parliamentary elections]. I will probably move to [capital] Yerevan; so, I will leave the sports school project for the future.  

Is there any change in your personal life?

To have the man you love beside you is the sign of each woman’s completeness. [But] I would like to make a correction: I am not married [yet], but rather engaged. Now, I am preparing for my wedding, which will be held on April 22.

Do you picture yourself in the parliament? What will this give to the world weightlifting champion?

Yes, I do picture myself. I unequivocally see myself in politics. Everyone has his/her plans and objectives. I want to deal with sports affairs, [and] to be helpful to athletes and the youth.  

What do you wish Armenian women on March 8 [the International Women’s Day]?  

To the career-establishing women I wish stability, so they may manifest themselves in all phases, areas of life. I wish [them] that social activities and the career do not obstruct them from building a personal life. And to the non-career-oriented women I solely wish a woman’s happiness at the side of “real” men.

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