11:28  ,  November 15, 2020

Ferdinand Karapetyan to participate in European Judo Championships in Prague

After solving his problems with exit from Armenia, Ferdinand Karapetyan will be able to take part in the European Judo Championships in the Czech Republic. This is what head coach of the Armenian judo team Hovhannes Davtyan told NEWS.am Sport.

The 2020 European Judo Championships will take place on November 19-21 in Prague.

Ferdinand Karapetyan, who became a European champion in 2018 and is the only judoist of Armenia with the opportunity to score a pass to the Tokyo Olympic Games, will be the only member of the Armenian national judo team to participate in the European Judo Championships in Prague.

Earlier, the team’s head coach had told NEWS.am Sport that Karapetyan’s participation in the European Judo Championships was in jeopardy due to martial law in Armenia and problems with exiting the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before leaving for Prague, the European champion trained in Gyumri under the direction of Hovhannes Davtyan, and it was the third training before the championships. According to the team’s head coach, the 2020 European Judo Championships are one of the major phases in the competition for a pass to the Tokyo Olympic Games, and they are leaving to score a medal as well.

Lusine Shahbazyan

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