15:10  ,  March 14, 2012

Amoyan-Aliev single-combat looked like street fight – Levon Julfalakyan (VIDEO)

Armenian wrestler Roman Amoyan was disqualified during the European Championships of Greco-Roman Wrestling in Belgrade for not obeying the instructions of the referee, the general coach of Armenia’s Greco-Roman style wrestling team Levon Julfalakyan stated at a press conference on Wednesday.

“The single combat against the Azerbaijani wrestler Elcin Aliev looked like a street fight. It was an ugly spectacle for whole Europe. The single combat reminded a street-fight which is prohibited by the rules of the tournament. The referees should have punished the Azerbaijani wrestler for such behavior. Roman Amoyan should have been announced as winner but instead the Azerbaijani wrestler was,” the general coach of the team said.

According to Levon Julfalakyan, he was not allowed to use his legal right to protest against the referees’ decision on announcing the Azerbaijani wrestler as winner.

“At the end of the single-combat Amoyan did not approach the Azerbaijani wrestler to shake his hand. I do understand his behavior. But he was punished because of that. The President of the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles Martinetti punished Amoyan for not following the rules,” Julfalakyan said.

According to him, the punishment was too strict. If Amoyan were not punished the Armenian National team would have ranked second.

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