15:13  ,  May 10, 2012

I do not know what I will do after boxing – former Armenian world champion

YEREVAN. – I do not know what I will be involved in after retiring from boxing, but I will aspire to always be in the sport, former IBF Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham said during his get together Thursday with the students from Yerevan State University, NEWS.am Sport reporter informed from the event.    

“I must work constantly. Being in the sport [of boxing] does not mean starting a coaching career. I will never be a trainer; it is a very difficult profession. I am 32 years old now. Perhaps, I will retire from the ring at the age of 35. I can retire now, too, but I love my sport very much. I will not engage in politics. I am a man of sports; a man of the [Armenian] nation. I solely wish that our nation lives well and thrives,” Abraham said.             

The former boxing champion also reflected on Armenia’s national football team.

“I am a great fan of football. I avidly follow the games of Armenia’s national squad. I have great expectations from the Armenia-Italy match. I believe Armenia will win. I follow our games always with an expectation of a victory,” Arthur Abraham noted.

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