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Levon Aronian’s formula for happiness and love

By Vera Martirosyan

Every man is the architect of his happiness. The biggest mistake to think that you are just a pawn and would never be a queen, the Chess Olympiad Champion Levon Aronian said in an interview with NEWS.am Sport.

Let's sum up! How has your year of 2012 been?

It was the best year. First of all I had success in the Dutch Wijk aan Zee and the year started well. Then, there were fewer victories as I did not play much. The most important achievement of the year was the World Chess Olympiad. The is the biggest achievement not only in my career but the history of entire team.

Did this Chess Olympiad differ from the others?

Yes, this year all the teams were full of enthusiasm to beat us. They always wanted to, but this time it was like fanaticism. When your opponent is too aggressive, defeating him is even more pleasant.

Levon, you have recently turned 30. Has anything changed in your life?

When I was 20 and I just moved to Germany, I did not clearly see my future path. Ten years later, I have certain achievements, and I am very pleased with the way I passed. I did not expect that I would achieve many of the goals I set.

How did you celebrate your birthday?

I was participating in a tournament and did not have time for celebrations. For me, every day is a birthday. If you have a job you like and are surrounded by pleasant people, it is a great joy. I do not think you need to celebrate a particular day.

Women are not particularly fond of the 30th anniversary. Do the men care about 30?

Women and men differ. After 30, a woman must think about a family, because her biological clock starts ticking. As to men, it is different. They are growing up not getting older.

Do you want to have a family, children?

Of course, I do. All in good time.

Your Facebook page suggests you love to travel.

Yes, very much. That is why I spend the New Year holidays in the Philippines.

Which book and movie have you recently read and watched with pleasure?

This year I read two books about jazz musician John Coltrane: his bio and a collection of interviews. I like to watch movies by Yasujiro Ozu.

If you could return the time for one year, would you change anything?

Hard to say, but I think you should not think about the past.

Do you like New Year holidays?

It is important. People are happy, but for me this is not very important. Holidays distract me. Such kind of holidays or when we celebrate our victory, interfere with my trainings.

Do you have a Christmas tradition in your family?

No. I love to celebrate New Year in warm countries.

Do you like to give gifts?

I do not like Christmas shopping, but I love to give gifts.

The most memorable gift for the New Year.

I cannot say exactly about a gift, but I remember the tangerines. Before the New Year Eve, I had to eat all the tangerines.

What are your “non-chess” plans for next year?

I really want to go to New York. I have friends there. They always call me, knowing that I love music. Every year I tell them “next year.”

Have you ever thought about moving from Germany to another country? Especially now, when you do not have any problems with moving.

There are many countries interesting to live in, given the climate and other factors, but I like it in Germany. It gives me calmness.

Many Armenians, given their mentality, find it difficult to live in the Northern and Eastern Europe.

Chess has no nationality. We love calmness.

What helps you to be in harmony?

Different arts, I have peace of mind when I read or listen to something.

Do you believe in God?

In its current form, I do not.

What is God to you?

I think the wisdom in faith is disappearing when it is much spoken about by people not having so much faith in themselves. I can not admit that someone told me what the God is. It has to come to the person itself. I think that one should not think about how he was created, but rejoice in the fact that he lives.

That is, the person is an architect of his happiness and there is no concept that everything is predetermined.

Of course, every man is the architect of his happiness. The biggest mistake is to think that you are just a pawn and would never be a queen.

Can everything change?

I think so. Almost everything, you only need to believe in yourself.

Levon, when you look back, don’t you see something that helped you to succeed?

My mom helped me by teaching me to fight.

Is chess thinking often an obstacle in everyday life? Does it happen that you are calculating something instead of showing emotions?

My all life is improvisation.

Will you do something, if you doubt that it will cause harm in the future?

If I am sure that it will cause harm, I will not. I consider myself a smart person and will not do a stupid thing. Three is a good expression “managing the risk”.

As the saying goes, a man should build a house, plant a tree, and have a son. Which are three things a man must do?

It is easier to say what he should not, the list is long. A man should never be haughty. And if you want me to name three specific actions, it is to study, study and study again.

If you had the opportunity to be in a different era, what would you choose?

Can I only go forward or back? If back, I would like to be in the U.S. in the 60s. I am a real fan of music.

Would you like to become a musician?

Unfortunately, I have no musical talent. I enjoy listening to music.

Your formula for happiness.

To love and be loved, and to devote yourself to a job.

Friendship is…

Friendship can not be achieved without a lot of things.

Men often say that female friendship does not exist. What do you think?

I think people saying so are deprived of many things lives. They like to say there is no love or that friendship is false. Love and friendship is a hard work.

Love is the basis of everything. What is love for you? Is it a feeling, affection or something chemical?

Love defies logic. It begins at a biological level.

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