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Artur Aleksanyan's father responds to Mikhail Mamiashvili, decides to return referee booklet (PHOTOS)

Gevorg Aleksanyan, coach of the Armenia Greco-Roman style wrestling team, will return his referee booklet to the United World Wrestling (UWW). This is what he told reporters today.

“After serving as a referee and going through all this for years, I have decided to return my referee booklet. If there is anyone who will tell me I have disturbed him and can prove it, I will apologize and accept my guilt. I have decided to return my referee booklet to the United World Wrestling federation. I refuse to work with such referees and leadership during any tournament. This is my decision. I will definitely fight as a coach so that the athletes are tried fairly,” Aleksanyan said.

Gevorg Aleksanyan, father and personal coach of Artur Aleksanyan, also responded to the statements that Russian wrestler Musa Yevloev and President of the Russian Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili about his son.

“Many people expressed their opinions on Artur Aleksanyan. Yevloev said he has defeated Artur three times. I don’t even want to compare Yevloev with Artur. Artur has achieved many victories and suffered defeats in life, but he has never stood up and declared that he is better than this or that person. I would like to remind Yevloev about his success about the years 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Let him compare his and Aleksanyan’s successes.

I wouldn’t respond to Mikhail Mamiashvili, if he hadn’t spoken to the presses. We talked separately, but he decided to make a statement via the presses. I am responding to him in the same way, and I hope my response reaches him.

Mikhail Mamiashvili is very far behind Artur Aleksanyan based on the results he has scored during his career. He hasn’t achieved as much as Artur. He declared that only a weak athlete would make such a statement, referring to the statement that Aleksanyan made in an interview with a Russian journalist. Now I ask Mamiashvili the following question: Is a strong athlete the one who has constantly disturbed others to receive a medal or has robbed a medal? Artur has proved that he is very strong. Artur is a champion,” he said.

During the Greco-Roman style wrestling tournament at Tokyo 2020, out of Armenia’s representatives, Artur Aleksanyan (97 kg) won second place, and he added a silver medal to his Olympic gold and bronze medals.

Karapet Chalyan (77 kg), who was defeated during the match for the bronze medal, was also close to scoring a medal. Armen Melikyan (60 kg) and Karen Aslanyan (67 kg) were defeated in the quarter-final and were left out of the competition after beginning with victories.

Lusine Shahbazyan

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