14:38  ,  September 12, 2012

Armenian national chess team was already very strong without me – Sergei Movsesian

YEREVAN. – Armenian men’s national team’s number-two player, Grandmaster Sergei Movsesian became a World Chess Olympiad champion for the first time with the team at the 40th World Chess Olympiad, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, and where Armenia was crowned world champion for a third time.

NEWS.am Sport spoke with Movsesian on this occasion, and below is an abridged version of this interview. 

Did the [national chess] team become stronger once you were included?  

I believe the makeup of the squad was already very strong without me, but we became a bit stronger with me. We don’t calculate who is stronger, who is weaker. We work as a team, and that is our primary strength.    

Except for Levon Aronian, our team’s chess players rarely achieve any titles in individual tournaments. But this is quite different with the team. Why is that?

Perhaps that is the main difference. We seem to get stronger together. We get a very great pleasure from playing in the team together. That, too, could be the reason. The team spirit is very important, and our [national] squad proves that very well.   

As NEWS.am Sport informed earlier, aside from becoming the World Chess Olympiad champion for a third time, Armenian men’s national team is also a three-time bronze medalist in this event

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