17:03  ,  May 17, 2019

Armenian-Korean Friendship Cup play-offs in Yerevan (photos)

The WTF All-Armenian Taekwondo Championship is being held for the first time through the Korean culture festival in Armenia and under the title “Armenian-Korean Friendship Cup”.

The Korean culture days in Armenia are being held by the cultural center adjunct to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Armenia, and the taekwondo championship is being held jointly with the Taekwondo Federation of Yerevan and has gathered nearly 300 athletes from Armenia and Artsakh.

Since the championship was organized by President of Hravang Club Vrezh Khachikyan, there are no representatives and participating athletes from the Armenian Taekwondo Federation and the Federation’s clubs. Executive Director of Hravang Club Hayrapet Zakharyan stated that the Club had sent invitations to the Federation’s administration and the clubs, but there were no confirmation letters.

The launch of the duels was preceded by performances of Korean and Armenian dances and demonstrative taekwondo performances.

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