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I am not so stupid to play against Levon Aronian - Arianne Caoili

A special characteristic of Armenian GM, one of the leaders of the Armenian team Levon Aronian is that he always sees the good in others, his girlfriend Arianne said in an e-mail interview with NEWS.am Sport. Arianne Caoili (born in Manila, Philippines. Father is Filipino/Chinese and mother is Dutch/Irish. Arianne is an international master, plays for Australia) spoke about her famous boyfriend, about Armenia and Armenian language.

How did you appear interested in chess?

I was six years old at school and became interested in chess when by chance I stumbled upon some high school guys playing chess in the library. I went to watch every day and gradually learned.

What is your current aim in you career?

I’m currently a consultant, mainly with government clients, for a global consultancy firm. My aim is to finish my PhD, but because my work is interesting and great for my career, it is delayed. My doctoral topic is Russian foreign policy, especially its economic and business relations with Armenia on a state and individual level. I am very interested with issues of Armenian economic development.

Is it easy to be a clever woman?

I don’t think I’m very clever. I’ m just very blessed and have a lot of energy.

What qualities do you think a woman must have?

I think the ideal woman should have the qualities of gentleness, compassion, elegance and inner strength.

You took part in Dancing with the Stars show. What other hobbies do you have?

I love Latin dancing and I am also currently working on a jazz album, where I am doing vocals and have co-written the music. This is really just for fun – without some form of artistic expression I would be very depressed. Without art life can be miserable. This is also why I love playing chess.

How did you met with Levon Aronian? Tell a little about your story.

Officially I would have met Levon in las palmas, world youth championships in 1996 . But we became friends in 2006. Our mutual friend, International Master Alex Wohl, introduced us in Berlin. Alex has known me since I was 6 years old and Lev since he was a young teenager.

Are you used to play chess Levon and how many times did you win?

We have never played an entire chess game against each other. I am not so stupid to even try.

Is it easy to be a GF of one of the smartest man in the world?

It is interesting, because he always challenges me mentally, which I enjoy.

I am sure you know a lot of things about Levon. Can you tell for example about traits of character?

I think that the most prominent characteristic of Lev (and probably me too) is that he loves to learn. If he is passionate about something he wants to investigate and know everything about it. He also likes learning new things, even if it is a challenge or outside of his comfort zone (like dancing, for example!). The next obvious trait that comes to mind is that he is a joker who loves to laugh and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Probably a very special characteristic of

Lev is that he always sees the good in others.

How is Levon in his daily life?

Relaxed, calm, funny, adventurous, always inquisitive, never boring.

Have you ever been to Armenia? If yes what can you say about your country?

I love Hayastan. I have been maybe 8 times in the last 6 years. Last year alone I was there for over 2 months doing research for my thesis. I’ve been to many places – even villages near the border of Georgia. Although Dilijan would have to be my favourite place. I love khorovats [barbeque] and Armenian food in general – especially Lev’s mum’s cooking and the village food which you cannot get in Yerevan. I also love Armenian history – I have read a lot from Armenia’s most prominent historians. Armenian people are fascinating. If I wasn’t in love with Armenian culture I wouldn’t have done a thesis on your country!

As I understand you know some words in Armenian. What words do you often use?

'Inch kachka’ (What’s up?), ‘banchka’ (nothing much), ‘sovatsem’ (I am hungry), ‘hoknatsem’ (I am tired), ‘shat lav bana’ (a good thing), ‘ara de lav eli!’ (it’s enough already), ‘uzumem khorovats  khozi’ (I want pork barbecue), ‘shat hamova’ (very tasty), ‘kyartu rabiz’, ‘chishta’ (right).

My favourite is with taxi drivers in Yerevan. They think I don’t know where I am going (but I am quite familiar with streets in the center), so in many cases they double the charge or take me the wrong way. I always answer: ‘es incha akhber?’ (What are you doing bro?)

What place will Armenian national chess team take at World Chess Olympiad?

Fingers crossed for first place! Arach Hayastan (Go Armenia!)...

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