17:36  ,  October 30, 2012

Lionel Messi about his intentions to join Paris Saint-Germain

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi commented the rumors about his transfer to France’s Paris Saint-Germain. He claims that situation in the French club reminds him about Manchester City.

“Whether I would love to join the French club, my answer is no. I have the best partners in Barcelona and we every year struggle for the transfer,” the football player claimed.

Barcelona is a wonderful city Messi stated adding he grew up as a football player just in that club. He also said that frankly he cannot even imagine his transfer from the Spanish club.

In addition, Messi said that he has no idea if the French club does really have such opportunities as to compete equally with other great teams in the Champions League but at the same time it requires time to form a team.

Besides, the situation reminds the player about Manchester City, when players from all over the world were united in one team, France Football informed.

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