15:02  ,  July 18, 2021

Olympic Vlog: Shooter Elmira Karapetyan's #roomtour from Tokyo

The first Olympic athletes have started arriving in Tokyo. The first to arrive in Tokyo from Armenia is Elmira Karapetyan, who is the country’s only representative in the shooting series of tournaments.

Before entering the Olympic village, all participants are tested for the coronavirus and are waiting for the results. There are long lines at the testing center.

Elmira Karapetyan held a #roomtour for Armenian News-NEWS.am and showed how the residents of the Olympic village will be living for the next three weeks. The shooter also showed the beds made from cardboard in the hotel suites for the Olympic athletes.

There are already lines of people waiting near the Olympic circles.

The balconies of the hotel rooms in the Olympic village are covered with the national flags of the participants’ countries.

The Armenian national flag is already at the balcony of Elmira Karapetyan, and the flag of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia is next to the Armenian national flag.

Elmira Karapetyan is the only member of the 17-member Armenian Olympic team who has arrived in Tokyo. She will be competing on July 25 from 5am to 11:30am Armenia time.

Tonight on July 19 at 4:45am the second group of the Armenian delegation will depart from Yerevan. Among the members are boxers Koryun Soghomonyan, Arman Darchinyan, Hovhannes Bachkov, weightlifters Simon Martirosyan, Izabella Yaylyann, gymnast Artur Davtyan, judoist Ferdinand Karapetyan and swimmers Artur Barseghyan and Varsenik Manucharyan.

By Lusine Shahbazyan

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