10:01  ,  May 28, 2020

NEWS.am Sports interview: Armenian coach of Barcelona (PHOTOS)

By Samvel Sukiasyan

NEWS.am Sports continues to represent Armenian specialists working abroad.

Coach Vahan Martirosyan works at the American Academy of Catalan Barcelona.

A 30-year-old coach spoke about his journey from Vanadzor to the US, his working experience at the New York City FC and Barca Residency Academy USA, and about his acquaintance with world football stars and his desire to work in Armenia.


"I was born in Vanadzor in 1989," he said noting that he was not used to playing football while being a child, but remembers once training inside an empty pool.

"When I was 9, I moved to Yerevan with my grandparents, and in the meantime, my parents moved to the US with a clear goal to provide a decent life for us."

Vahan joined his parents in 2004 when he headed to the US. It is here in the US that he started his football career.

"Here I met and played with some quality football players. Ex-Philippine national team player Chris Greatwich is currently an assistant coach for his national team. Some of my former teammates perform in MLS.

Even though I started my career as a football player very late, I reached the third league of the US championship, since I just lived football," he said.


“From the age of 20, I began to be interested in and engaged in coaching. After working in various youth teams, I ended up in my first major club - New York City FC, where I was an assistant to the coaches of the youth teams at the academy.

It was an incredible level. In this club, I met many world football stars whom I had only seen on TV before. I was at the same table with Patrick Vieira and David Villa; talking to them on various topics is an incredible and very valuable experience that I will never forget it.

During one of the New York City FC matches, I sat next to former Manchester United coach David Moyes. As a longtime fan of the Mancunian club, I could not miss the opportunity to introduce myself to a Scottish specialist.

I was greatly influenced by the legendary American football player, former captain of the US national team, Claudio Reyna. I was lucky to work with his son, who could become the new star of world football. ”


“After fruitful work in New York City FC, I received a very interesting offer and moved to the American Catalan Barcelona Academy - Barca Residency Academy USA, and U18 squad.

It is very difficult to compare these academies. Both are at the highest level. All conditions have been created for the progress of football players and coaches. Everything is in your hands - just work and progress."


"I constantly think that I can help Armenia with my coaching skills. I want to reach some level after which I can say with confidence that I am ready. I think that this will happen soon, and I will be useful for my homeland," Vahan concluded. 

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