16:26  ,  October 2, 2023

I’ll soon join the Armenian national team and prepare for tournaments, says Erik Arstamyan from Karabakh

Erik Arstamyan, 54 kg, winner of The European Youth Boxing Championship, member of the Armenian boxing team who is from Nagorno-Karabakh has told NEWS.am Sport that he will continue to live in Armenia, on his native land and will train and try to “win new victories for my homeland.”

The young boxer is in Yerevan with his family these days. His family is also among those forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh. Before that, Erik Arstamyan had to stay in Stepanakert due to the illegal blockade of Lachin road by Azerbaijan and could not participate in tournaments.

"We have been in Yerevan for two days now. I came to Yerevan with my family. We still live in a relative's house. During this time we are looking for an apartment to rent and to move in. Our mental state, mood is very bad. We are offended. My family is normal. We will stay in Armenia, we will live on our land, in our homeland.

I have to start my training already. After the European Championship held in Yerevan, I did not participate in the tournament because the road was closed. During that time I trained there. I will definitely continue my sports career. I will soon join the Armenian national team and prepare for tournaments. I will train at the sports school named after Vladimir Yengibaryan. I will try to win new victories for my homeland," said Erik Arstamyan.

The European champion lost to Gor Ayvazyan representing Georgia in the semifinals of the European Youth Championship held in May in Yerevan and won a bronze medal.

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