16:03  ,  June 11, 2022

Armenia athlete sets 2 Guinness World Records

By Lusine Shahbazyan

World and European Power Triathlon champion, Guinness World Records and Armenian book of records holder Artyom Soloyan on Saturday set two Guinness World Records for one-minute push-ups with 110kg then 120kg weights attached to his back, and with his wrists bent at the back.

The Guinness World Record holder performed the push-ups with the 110kg weight 15 times in 39 seconds, and the push-ups with the 120kg weight—11 times in 49 seconds. These figures are considered records, and will soon be sent to the Guinness World Records committee.

"I am glad that it worked out, and I have the opportunity to wave the flag of our country once again," the record holder told NEWS.am Sport.

Artyom Soloyan is from Metsavan village of Armenia’s Lori Province. In Metsavan, he works as a Power Triathlon coach. In his free time he studies the Guinness World Records with his family, and tries to set new records with his two sons.

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