Armenia’s Olympic bronze medal winner’s fiancé loves her more

17:52   15 August, 2012

Fiancé of Armenia’s Olympic bronze winner, weightlifter Hripsime Khurshudyan Taron Tovmasyan accepts his fiancée the way she is with sport career and with bar. Sport is sport and nothing can hamper their personal relations, Tovmasyan told Sport.

Asked what Taron feels preparing to marry an Olympic bronze winner, he said that he cannot describe it in words. He just understands that he would like such moments were more frequent in their future life. 

“During each of her approach to the bar I feel like it is me to lift that weight. I wish I could be next to her and support her at that moment,” Hripsime’s fiancé said adding the sport she has chosen cannot be an obstacle for their personal relations.

“I am also a weightlifter. I do understand and accept her the way she is - with her weightlifting career and bar. Personal life is again the way it should be and nothing can hamper our relations,” he concluded.

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