LA Armenians to be responsible for establishing men’s basketball team

18:10   29 March, 2012

“We established first women basketball team, the Hatis, and now we have men’s national team,” head of the Basketball Federation of Armenia, Armenian National Olympic Committee (NOC) Secretary General Hrachya Rostomyan told Sport adding there is no difference where the team was established.

The Armenian community in Los-Angeles was responsible for establishing men’s basketball team as the community has good traditions of sport and there are many clubs in the city. Besides, the LA basketball players are known for their play in the Pan-Armenian Games and the results are reliable for establishing the team in LA.

“Mainly the American-Armenians will play in the team but later Armenians from the homeland will naturally be invited,” Rostomyan said adding that the newly established team will participate in the FIBA competition in Italy.

“I do not have great expectations from the players, as it is not serious to expect them to become champions, at the same time what is important, they themselves want to play and be included in the team,” Rostomyan concluded.

By Lusine Shahbazyan

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