Limbless Frenchman swims across waters connecting five continents

13:04   18 August, 2012

Frenchman Philippe Croizon, who lost his limbs in an accident, swam across the waters that connect the world’s five continents, and thus he symbolized global unity, BBC reports.    
Croizon, who uses prosthetic limbs with flippers attached, swam across the Bering Strait—which joins Asia and the Americas—, he reached Indonesia from Papua New Guinea, swam from Asia to Africa—through the Red Sea—and reached Europe from Africa—by way of the Strait of Gibraltar.      

n 1994, Philippe Croizon lost his limbs after receiving an electric charge of 20,000 volts which fused him to the metal ladder on which he was standing.

He would have been killed instantly, but another massive electric charge snapped him back to life, although he was so seriously burnt that both his arms and his legs had to be amputated.

He says he was inspired to swim while in hospital. He saw a documentary on television about an Englishwoman who had swum the English Channel earlier that year.

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