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Henrikh Mkhitaryan: In this life you have to learn every day, every second, every minute

Midfielder of the Armenian National Team Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who is in the US along with Manchester United, has responded to the questions of Facebook conference of UNINTERRUPTED.

Referring to the question on whether he has pre-match rituals or superstitions, the footballer noted that he mainly relaxes and focuses on the game.

Asked what profession he would chose if he were not a footballer, Mkhitaryan noted that he would probably a lawyer, adding that he likes lawyers wearing suits.
The footballer also noted that as a kid he looked up to Zinedine Zidane, who has always been his idle and he learnt lots of things from him.

Answering the question on how it feels representing Armenia on a huge stage, Mkhitaryan said: ''My dream was always to play for the biggest club in Europe. I could never imagine I would come to this level. I am very happy to represent Armenia on such a level. I am trying to keep the name of our nation very high.''

Referring to his favorite stadium, he mentioned the stadium of Borussia Dortmund, where ''the atmosphere was amazing.''

When asked who he prefers to learn from, Mkhitaryan noted: ''I think there is lots of things to learn every day, doesn't matter from whom. It doesn't matter whether the player is from a worse or better team. In this life you have to learn every day, every second, every minute because this is very important for yourself.''

Speaking about the most difficult languages among the ones he knows, i.e. Armenian, Russian, English, French, Portuguese and German, the midfielder noted that German is difficult.

Asked who his buddy in the team is and what they do in their free time, the midfielder didn't mention anyone specific, noting: ''I'm fine with everyone. It's a team and it's like a family.''

To the question on whether the fans can expect a scorpion kick next season, he said that such goals come by themselves and ''you cannot plan to score such a goal'' but ''you just have to feel the moment.''

Mkhitaryan also noted that playing for Manchester United gives a lot of pressure because
the team always plays on top level and they win lots of trophies. ''You have to win every day and in every competition. That's the main goal for every season,'' he said.

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