13:12  ,  December 25, 2023

Solo ed esclusivamente INTER: Mkhitaryan's presence is reminder of inner strength that can overcome any obstacle

The Solo ed exclusive INTER account of Inter Milan fans has lauded Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the midfielder of this Italian football club and former captain of the Armenian national team, in a post on social media.

"His last name, which has more consonants than vowels, sounds like poetry. He is more than a football player in the lap of a country that has passed through centuries; he is a symbol of hope, the embodiment of a football lover.

"Mkhitaryan is not just a player at Inter; he is a symbol of devotion, strength and passion. His presence is a pledge of greatness, a reminder of the need to persevere in every battle. Mkhitaryan is not just a champion, he is an inspiration that lights the way to achieve new accomplishments. On the pitch, Mkhitaryan embodies the passion for the game of football. His every touch to the ball, every decisive pass is an ode to mastery and devotion. His presence is a reminder of the inner strength that can overcome any obstacle. Mkhitaryan is a silent leader. His loyalty to the team in difficult times is a beacon for his teammates. Inter found in him not only an unusual talent, but also a leader who raises others with his determination and greatness.

"The history of his progress from Armenia to Europe and Brazil is a vivid testimony that persistence is the key to making dreams come true. Mkhitaryan is one of the emotional pillars of this Inter when he fights for the ball in the center of the pitch, recovers it, and restarts the team's attack with high speed and technique which few have. He plays a symphony that resonates in the hearts of Inter fans. The greatness of this football player cannot be conveyed in words. God bless July 2, 2022 when Inter got this Champion," Solo ed exclusively INTER wrote.

Mkhitaryan's current contract with Inter runs until the end of this season. But this Milan club is expected to extend this collaboration with him until June 2025.

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