01:22  ,  December 5, 2023

Jude Bellingham wins Golden Boy Award

Jude Bellingham, the 20-year-old midfielder of Real Madrid and England, received the 2023 Golden Boy Award for Europe's best under-21 footballer, awarded by the Italian Tuttosport.

At Tuttosport's award ceremony, Bellingham said he is happy to receive this award. From playing in Birmingham until today, he felt that he has his style of play and he has developed it, and throughout his career, he has met wonderful players who helped him improve and learn. 

Bellingham added that he doesn’t think that he is the strongest player in the world. He said that it is important that he plays in the biggest club in the world, Real Madrid, it is important to help teammates and strive for development, and it is a great responsibility to be an example for others.

An international jury consisting of sports journalists from 50 prestigious European newspapers gave Bellingham 485 out of a possible 500 points, or 97 percent, for the 2023 Golden Boy Award.

Bellingham transferred from Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid this summer for €103 million. A €35 million bonus is also planned.

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