13:08  ,  April 2, 2023

Bayramyan: Hopefully Mkhitaryan rejoins the National Team

31-year-old midfielder of the Russian team FC Rostov and the Armenian National Team Khoren Bayramyan hopes that Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the 34-year-old midfielder of Inter Milan, will return to the National Team.

“Eduard Spertsyan is not Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Everyone has their own path, and now we see that Edik has a crazy potential. He shows this both in FC Krasnodar and National Team matches. That's why many clubs are closely watching him now. I just wish Edik's path turned out to be as bright as Henrikh's.  The whole nation, family and friends will be happy for him. But for this he needs to work hard.

A player of Henrikh Mkhitaryan's level, with such qualities, who has been playing in the top leagues for more than ten years, winning trophies, scoring in the Europa League final, is always needed. He will always help. For me, with him at any time and with any coach, the National Team would be stronger.

I met Mkhitaryan in December when I was in Milan on a business trip. We sat down and talked. I can't convince him, there are probably more authoritative people, but I would really like him to return to the National Team. And I hope so. And why he decided so, I honestly don’t know,” sport-express.ru quotes Bayramyan.

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