16:49  ,  December 17, 2021

Armenia's Varazdat Lalayan becomes silver medalist, Gor Minasyan takes home bronze medal

Varazdat Lalayan was declared world’s silver medalist in the +109 kg competition at the World Weightlifting Championships that ended in Tashkent. Silver medalist of Rio 2016 Gor Minasyan scored the bronze medal.

Lalayn lifted 457 kg (211+246), while Gor Minasyan lifted 448 kg (205+243) in the biathlon.

Minasyan failed during the snatch drill and only performed the first approach, lifting 205 kg. Minasyan failed to snatch the 213 kg that Pashik Alaverdyan had requested for the second and third approaches.

Armenia’s other representative Varazdat Lalayan shone in the snatch drill and performed all three approaches. First, he snatched 202 kg, 207 kg, and then 211 kg. During this drill, he scored a small silver medal.

During the snatch drill, Georgian Lasha Talakhadze took home the small gold medal after lifting 225 kg and set a world record in the snatch drill.

Gor Minasyan began the jerk drill by lifting 240 kg. For the second approach, the two-time European silver medalist requested 243 kg and lifted it successfully.

During the first approach, Lalayan failed to lift 240 kg, and then 242 kg and 246 kg during the second and third approaches, respectively.

During the jerk drill, Lalayan scored the small silver medal, while Gor Minasyan took the bronze medal.

Lasha Talakhadze won the world champion title for the fifth time. In the biathlon, the Georgian weightlifter lifted 494 kg (world record) (225+267: world record).

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