19:55  ,  December 10, 2021

Magnus Carlsen defends title of world champion for the fourth time (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Norwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen (2,855) defended the title of world chess champion for the fourth time.

At the world chess championship in Dubai, Carlsen defeated contender for the title, 31-year-old Russian chess player Ian Nepomniachtchi 7.5-3.5. In the 11th match, Carlsen outscored his opponent with black figures in the 49th step.

Carlsen scored 4 victories and tied 7 matches. There were supposed to be 14 classic matches.

Carlsen, who scored the title of world champion after a match against Indian chess player Vishi Anand in 2013, defended the title for the fourth time.

He will receive EUR 1,200,000, while Nepomniachtchi will receive EUR 800,000.

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