21:09  ,  April 14, 2021

Evgeni Plushenko starts collaboration with Rafayel Harutyunyan

Two-time Olympic figure skating champion, Russian coach Evgeni Plushenko has announced the start of collaboration with proclaimed Armenian American coach Rafayel Harutyunyan.

“My friend and outstanding coach, maestro Rafayel Harutyunyan and I agreed to collaborate. I hope our collaboration will help us have what we lacked in the past in the new season,” Plushenko posted on Instagram.

Rafayel Harutyunyan visited the Angels of Plushenko Academy and will take part in Alexandra Trusova’s training session.

Rafayel Harutyunyan’s student who has received the most titles is Nathan Chan, who is a multiple world champion at the age of 21.

Rafayel Harutyunyan, 63, is a graduate of the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture, started his coaching career in 1976 in Yerevan, after which he worked in Moscow. In 2000, he moved to the United States.

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