13:56  ,  January 1, 2021

Henrikh Mkhitaryan recaps year with New Year's message

Midfielder for Roma and the Armenia national football team Henrikh Mkhitaryan has posted his New Year’s message on social networks:

“The Covid19’s intrusion disrupted all the regular aspects of our life, including Sport. It took away the most important from football, the Fans. Not being able to go to stadiums and support our favourite team is a huge loss of stimulation for football.

As the world begins to recover from Covid19, there will be significant issues to be managed to ensure at all levels the safety of sporting events and the well-being of athletes.

The situation particularly affected me, as Italy, my welcoming country, was one of the worst-impacted countries for Covid19 fatalities. I do really hope that Italy will fully recover and continue to offer its Beauty and Talent to the world

Furthermore, 2020 has been particularly harsh on my Nation. The United Nations have called for a global ceasefire in all corners of the world. Yet, some made the exception imposing a war on my country. 44 days of uninterrupted battles, one more tragedy targeting my People…thousands of fallen lives, thousands of wounded, thousands of orphans, homeless families, victimized prisoners and M.I.A…millions of broken dreams. I am very conscious that this year the children of Armenia and Artsakh will live an unusual for a child New Year’s celebration.

As a Goodwill Ambassador of Unicef, I am, without doubt, extremely affected and preoccupied. Moreover, because 2020, with all its misfortune, turned into the most important in my own life, as I became a father.

To my beloved Armenia, I wish Peace and Security. No Youth must have to risk its life, whereby it can instead fulfil its potential.

I call on my Nation to stand firm, to utilize its knowledge, its force and skills, UNITED. And let’s not forget to light a candle in memory of our soldiers.

My dear friends, in his New Year I wis you all the Love, Happiness and Success that you desire. I wish a Peaceful Planet for our Children.

Happy New Year and see you soon on the pitch!

I love you.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Micki)”

Recently, Mkhitaryan was recognized as Armenia’s best footballer for the tenth time. In the 14 rounds of the Italian football championship, Mkhitaryan participated in 14 matches, scored 7 goals and made 6 passes for goals.

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