18:00  ,  February 11, 2012

Autumn-Spring system introduced in Armenian Football

After the last season it was decided to move to the Autumn-Spring season (similar to the Western Championships) in Armenia’s Major and Premier Leagues. 2012 will bring changes for Armenian football.

Some point out that problems with playfields will arise with the Autumn-Spring system, others mention that weather condition will be the only difficulty.

By the old Spring-Autumn system Armenian Clubs started playing in the middle of March or at the end of April and finished in November. Nothing will change now either. The cubs will start playing at the end of August or in the middle of September and will finish at the end of November. Then they will restart the championship in March. So there is no difference concerning playing fields. The only difference is that the winner will be known in May instead of in November.

Some point out that by the new system Armenian Clubs will not be able to prepare properly for the Europe Cups. However, that is not the main problem of bad performances during Europe Cups, the problems are far more deeper and need thoughtful decisions and time.

In any case, no serious changes are to take place in the Armenian Championships, only the time will change. Armenia’s Football Federation has not announced the dates of the games yet, but it is supposed that the matches of the Major League will take place by 6 rounds. The premier league will take place by 4 rounds.

By Khachik Chakhoyan

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